Fleetsimplify, All Your Transport Needs, In One App

Fleetsimplify is the Amazon of the transport industry. It is a super app designed to be a one stop solution for all transport related needs and a fleet management platform for mobility as a service. Our super app is bundled with apps solving different problems in the mobility space. You can utilise all, some or even a single app. With Fleetsimplify super app, you can add and remove the app you don’t use. Fleetsimplify super app has inbuilt softwares and modules for enterprises, governments and of course for normal citizens too. We simplify all transport related needs. Check out our Fleetsimplify apps.


Manage your transport business effortlessly. Fleet management software for individuals, SMB’s fleet companies and automakers with vehicles on ride-hailing apps, bus-sharing apps, delivery apps etc.


Connecting employers with drivers. Hire verified drivers. Post driver jobs. And if you are a driver, network with your fellow drivers on Instadriver social media. It's instagram for drivers.


A platform where employers rate and search for driver ratings. Help transport businesses save money, become sustainable & bring about safety on roads. And for drivers to flaunt their reputation.


A reputation tracking for insurance companies. Help car owners and fleet companies get value for their insurance policies. Check ratings & reviews before buying a policy. Insurance companies market themselves.


An online marketplace for car owners and transport businesses to buy motor-related products and services at amazing/deal prices from verified sellers. It's like Amazon or OLX but for motor-related products and services.


A state-of-the-art garage offering vehicle service and repairs at discounted prices while offering transparency and trust by help of technology & video streaming of the car during repair. Centers are called Glives.

Ride Pay

A fintech to cashlessly pay for your transport rides. Transport businesses collect their revenues cashlessly hence guaranteeing them profit maximisation and sustainability. No more losses due to cash payments and corruption.


This app connects breakdown vehicles with car-owners or companies who need the break-down services. It's like Uber but for flat-bed owners. No more crazy charges for towing. Enjoy convenient and affordable towing services.


Aggregating all delivery apps. Users make an order, the app scans available apps and a comparison list is generated showing price and delivery time hence you pick the most convenient and affordable app.


Aggregating all ride-sharing apps. Users request a trip, the app scans available apps and a comparison list is generated showing price and nearest available cars hence you pick the most convenient and affordable app.

One Stop Solution For Your Transport Related Needs

A super app designed to solve all needs of motorists & fleet companies. And a fleet management platform for Mobility As A Service!

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