Use Cases: Small Businesses in MaaS

Partners in Ride Hailings Apps

Small Businesses with scooters & Motorcycles

Partners in Bus Hailing Apps

Partners In Ride Hailing Apps

Partners in ride hailing apps are individuals or small businesses who have bought cars for the purpose of onboarding them to ride-hailing apps like Uber and Bolt. These partners do not drive for Uber, they hire drivers to drive their cars on these ride-hailing apps and expect drivers to remit taxi revenues to them, take care of their vehicles, etc. The challenge is that these partners, or let us call them car owners, have other full time jobs such as doctors, Saccos ( Savings and Credit Co-operative), etc and do not have time and expertise to manage their ride-hailing business. And those who attempt to manage their taxi business get frustrated and end up losing a lot of money. There is no driver management solution hence some drivers misuse cars, and since in the developing world, we are not in a cashless economy, there are alot on non-payments of taxi revenue to the car owners. Furthermore, taking care of periodic vehicle maintenance and repair is equally daunting for these car owners who have other full time jobs. The list of pain points is too long.

Fleetsimplify, with its SaaS is now offering solutions for partners in the taxi-hailing industry. From driver management solutions, fleet management of the vehicles on behalf of car owners to vehicle maintenance and repair. The goal is to enable car owners in the ride-hailing industry to make money stress-free. Hailers app does exactly that. And Hailers has sub-contracted agents who utilise FS software and technologies to undertake fleet management of ride-hailing taxis.

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Partners In Bus Sharing Apps

We are now witnessing a broadband space race, with big companies competing to connect the entire world. Google is running with its loon project of using balloons to provide affordable internet connectivity to the remote areas of the planet. Facebook is partnering with some of the world’s largest telecom carriers to build a giant sub-sea cable to help bring faster internet across Africa. The founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk is deploying satellites which will provide internet to the world. Elon Musk’s plan is to deploy an army of 12,000 small satellites in low Earth orbit to provide high-speed internet (one-gigabit internet connectivity). Jeff Bezos with his Project Kuiper has entered into the broadband space race. All 8 billion people on the planet are going to be connected to superfast 5G internet in 2 or 3 years time.

In the developing world, people are already embracing technology, and we are witnessing the emergence of bus-sharing apps using technology to change how people commute. Bus ride-sharing is now the trend and many companies are racing to supplant the traditional transportation with bus-sharing apps. A good example is Swvl, an Egyptian bus transportation network company based in Cairo, which is rapidly expanding to many cities in the developing world. In 2019, Swvl expanded its operations to Kenya, Nigeria and Pakistan. Another example is Uber bus. They are also offering a bus-sharing service to revolutionise how people commute to work. 

But in the developing world, the bus sharing platform works in this way: Individuals or small businesses buy the buses and onboard them to the bus-sharing apps. However, the responsibility to manage the buses from onboarding of the buses, hiring drivers, undertaking service and repair, collection of revenues lies with the bus owners and not the bus sharing apps. The primary role of the bus-sharing apps is to provide the app that connects the commuters with the buses. Hence there is a pressing need for these bus owners to contract fleet management services and solutions which are provided by Fleetsimplify.

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Small Businesses With Tuk Tuk & Motorcycles

In Africa, micromobility is thriving. It is a common scene to see people riding in lightweight vehicles like Tuk Tuk, motorcycles and those people who have invested in such modes of transportation find it super lucrative. Such modes of transportation also do carry parcels and are widely used for delivery services. The Tuktuks, motorcycles are also leveraging motorcycle-hailing apps to get more rides. The owners of these assets are just the average Joe and small businesses. These too are people with other full time jobs and do not have the time to manage their Tuktuk/Motorcycle business. These asset owners badly want an effortless way of making money and are looking for ways and platforms to outsource fleet management to. Also, many people have money lying in the bank and one person, for example, can afford to buy upto 5 motorcycles or more, but they refrain from investing into the motorcycle business because of the headache involved in this business and because the industry lacked a platform to take care of their needs. But now, they will abandon their fears since Fleetsimplify has come with solutions to help such small businesses make money stress free. 

Hailers is the branch of Fleetsimplify that does Fleet management of all types of vehicles, from ride-hailing taxis, commuter buses in bus-sharing apps, and motorcycles/tuk tuks in motorcycle hailing apps. Hailers has contracted partners who undertake the fleet management on behalf of these clients. Hailers Fleet Agents use the softwares and apps built by Fleetsimplify.  Hailers Fleet Agents operate under strict rules and operations protocols administered by Hailers. The level of efficiency, professionalism and transparency is so amazing that clients are actually referring clients to Hailers. Our Hailers clients have been joining the platform organically, an indication that we have a product people love.

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