Use Cases: Citizens & Motorists

Citizens & Motorists

Citizens & Motorists

According to Connie Chan, the latest technological trend is the rise of super apps, and she says that “everything is going to be a super app”. Examples of Super Apps include, GoJek, WeChat and Alipay. Connie Chan is a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz where she focuses on investing in consumer technology.

Fleetsimplify is positioning itself as a super app for all transport related needs. For the general citizens and motorists, Fleetsimplify will be their day to day companion. Whether you want to surmon Uber or any other ride-sharing app out there, Fleetsimplify has aggregated all those ride sharing apps to give you the cheapest and fastest choice. Whether you want to order your favorite pizza or send a package to your client, Fleetsimplify has an app that has aggregated all delivery apps. If you are using public transport or Uber and you need to pay for a ride, Fleetsimplify has a fintech to help you pay your rides cashlessly.  Ordering a ride, paying for the ride, ordering for delivery, all these are high frequency activities for the general citizens and motorists. And Fleetsimplify has covered you on that.

Moreover, Fleetsimplify has developed more solutions to help its users have a one-stop shop for their transport and vehicle related needs. If your vehicle breaks down, you just go to Fleetsimplify and tap the Towapp and within minutes a breakdown will come at your rescue. When you need to take your car for repair, you tap the Glive app under Fleetsimplify super app and schedule an appointment, and everything will be taken care of from there. 

These are just a few use cases of Fleetsimplify apps. Explore more to see how awesome Fleetsimplify is to you.

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Use Cases & Snippets Of User Interface For High Frequency Apps

For the average Joe, there are five apps that are considered as high frequency apps. Meaning that these are apps that you will be using them frequently for your mobility needs, some on a daily basis and some weekly and monthly. These are Fliride, Pokea, Ridepay, Tow App, and Glive. Tap the app above to view the use case and view their user interface.

As much as the above five apps are regarded as high frequency apps, you may as well need to access other apps under Fleetsimplify as need arises. For example, you may want to hire a driver to transport your children to school. For that, you will Instadriver app. A platform to connect driver employers with drivers. To learn more about all FS apps, go to “Explore Products” page.

Meanwhile tap the apps above to view the high frequency apps ideal for the average Joe and motorists.

Super App Screenshot-06 2

We are aggregating all major ride sharing apps on one app, Fliride. The goal is to help you get the cheapest and the fastest way to go to your destination.  And to save your time from moving from one ride-sharing app to another trying to figure out the cheapest and the most convenient service. And we are sure you hate cluttering your phone with many apps. 

All you need to do is to open the Fliride app, enter the pick up and drop off locations of your ride and tap search.  And Fliride will show all the different ride-hailing options to pick from. It compares apps according to price and the nearest ride available. You can then choose the app by lowest cost or fastest ride.

Time is literally money. With Fliride, you can save both time and money. Welcome to the new way of ordering ride hailing rides.

Fliride Screen

What if all major delivery apps are aggregated into one app showing their delivery cost comparison and fastest orders. Also, would you like to widen the suppliers and vendors you source your orders from? No more jumping from one app to another to see if your favorite restaurant is included or to search for the fastest delivery time! 

Pokea is the master of delivery! All your favorite delivery apps are aggregated on Pokea app! If it’s pizza you are ordering, rest assured that you will get a wide selection of restaurants to order from, the fastest delivery time, the cheapest delivery fees! And ofcourse, no more getting depressed eating a pizza that was delivered late! Enjoy your meal, enjoy your life. With the Pokea app.

Life is too short to keep waiting! Life is too short to get pissed over small stuff! Use Pokea to increase your happiness!

Pokea Screen

In the developing world, a cashless economy is not the norm. For fleet businesses it means, collecting revenue for your transport business is a headache and you will be susceptible to getting shortchanged. For commuters, it is not convenient to pay with cash and wasting time waiting for change. And in this day and age, where we experience weird diseases such as COVID-19, holding cash may pose more risk to your health! 

What if you can get rid of cash payment and you pay for your transport bills cashlessly? Welcome to Ridepay, a fintech enabling people to pay for their rides and orders cashlessly. You can also transfer money from your Ridepay wallet to another person and vice versa. And you can even scan the QR code and forward it to someone else to directly pay for you.

For fleet companies with vehicles on Uber, once a passenger completes a ride, he scans the QR code displayed on the vehicle, and then taps the “Pay” button. And the money is directly wired to the Fleet company account.  As simple as that: Scan QR code, tap Pay. 

Ridepay Screen X

No more panicking when your car breaks down in the middle of the road. All you need to do is to grab your phone, open Fleetsimplify Super App and tap TowApp. The app will automatically detect your location, and you only need to enter the drop off location. Once you do that the app will find the flatbed vehicle nearby you and within seconds, the towing vehicle will come at your rescue. Towapp is like the way you order Uber but now for flatbeds.

Another benefit of Towapp is that towing fees are calculated according to distance and vehicle type, hence no more exorbitant charges by traditional towing services. With Fleetsimplify Towapp, you get affordable and transparent pricing. 

Fleetsimplify is always obsessed in simplifying your life.


Glive is an app that connects cars in need of service and repairs to Glives. Glives are state-of-the-art garages offering vehicle service and repairs at discounted prices while offering transparency and trust by help of technology & video streaming of the car during repair. 

When your car needs repair or you are due for periodic vehicle maintenance, just open Glive app and schedule a slot with Glives. Once you schedule a slot, you can either take your car or a driver from Glive will be assigned to come pick your vehicle and take it to the chosen Glive center.  You don’t have to worry since you can track the movement of your vehicle in real time and on livestream till it reaches the Glive center. 

While the vehicle is being repaired or serviced, you will also be able to watch the entire process via Glive stream. With Glive, you no longer need to to go sit at the repair shop to supervise your car. We use technology to oversee everything and bring about trust and transparency. 

Glive Screenshot